Commercial Storage Fridges

Blast Chillers and Freezers are used in Commercial Kitchens whereby the Food Produced has to be rapidly cooled to a storage Temperature, until needed at a later date, these come in Various sizes and are finished in stainless Steel with fully electronic programs to meet the users needs.They generally take a variety of Gastronorm Pan sizes.

Fish Storage Cabinets are again constructed using Stainless Steel, to withstand the Salt and Acids produced by the Wet Fish stored within the Cabinet, the cabinets operate at minus 2oc to keep the products at a good temperature, and fitted with a drain for any excess Ice water, and polypropylene storage trays for rugged use.

Solid Door Chillers come with either One or Two Doors, in either White Acrylic Paint Finish or Stainles Steel, at a slightly higher price, most have auto defrost and adjustable Shelves, and fitted castors for easy cleaning , most have replaceable gaskets on the doors, and locks fitted.

Topping Counters, are ideal for Pizza or Kebab Shops, or general Sandwich Bar use whereby a Variety of Chilled products are on hand for fast access when preparing or adding toppings to Dishes.