Commercial Display Fridges

Display fridges for commercial use are available in a wide variety of models and designs, such as multi deck fridges, specifically designed for display refrigeration and self service due to their front opening and wall sited units and night blinds to save energy when the shop or store is closed.

For shops with limited aisle space, our slimline multipack display fridge is particularly suitable considering its similar display attributes and smaller footprint.

Our range of serve over counter display fridges are notably ideal for cafes, sandwich bars, bakeries, butchers or fishmongers commerces. Available with flat glass window door or a curved glass canopy, most of our models benefit of a refrigerated under storage facility and are specifically designed for storing reserve products, and a rear access doors for easy access.

Fresh meat and fish serve over display fridges are especially designed to operate at lower temperatures of approximately -2°C, to enhance preservation of fresh merchandise.

We also offer a selection of bar and counter fridges, particular popular for pubs, bars and clubs. Their sliding doors and hinged door options mean they are equally suited to perfectly fit at the back of a bar, whilst undercounter and countertop models are more suited for sandwich bars, deli shops, restaurants and cafes.

Upright and undercounter glass door chillers or coolers are ideal for all local shops and convenience stores as well as supermarkets. Also available with hinged or sliding doors, in 1, 2, or 3 doors versions some with an illuminated canopy on top for enhanced logo display.

For wine, beer bottles and other alcoholic beverages or drinks commercial display, our range of wine coolers are particularly popular amongst bars, restaurants but also for personal storage at home, as they enable to easily store red and white wines at their ideal temperatures, some models even allowing both types of wine to be kept within the same cabinet.

Finally, our selection of juice dispensers available in 1, 2 or 3 barrel models allow for a variety of cold drinks to be dispensed, such as pressed juices or drinks containing milk or pulp, their fitted header tanks making them easily cleanable and refillable.