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Framec Sunny Range White

Sunny Range White

Sunny Range White Sunny Range White , Sunny 10SL, Sunny 14SL, Sunny 19SL, Sunny 7SL
Prices Starting From
£1,149.00 +VAT
  • Fully automatic
  • Fan assisted cooling
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Adjustable feet
  • Interior light with switch
  • Digital controller and temperature display
  • Ticket strips
  • Soft open night blind
Product Info
Temp Range +2/+6
Refrigerant R507
Type of Defrost Automatic
Exterior Finish White
Interior Finish White
Power Required 13 Amp
Model Description RRP Our Price Saving Qty

Sunny 10SL

Sunny 10SL £2,075 +VAT £1,349 +VAT £726

Sunny 14SL

Sunny 14SL £2,605 +VAT £1,599 +VAT £1,006

Sunny 19SL

Sunny 19SL £2,886 +VAT £1,899 +VAT £987

Sunny 7SL

Sunny 7SL £1,737 +VAT £1,149 +VAT £588
External Dimensions
Model Height Width Depth Capacity Weight (Kg)
Sunny 10SL 1985mm  985mm  737mm    166.00 
Sunny 14SL 1985mm  1335mm  737mm    181.00 
Sunny 19SL 1985mm  1885mm  737mm    257.00 
Sunny 7SL 1985mm  685mm  737mm    128.00