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Interlevin Concept Plus

Concept Plus

Concept Plus Concept Plus , COP504B DD
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£1,496.00 +VAT
  • Double rotating wash and rinse arms in stainless steel
  • Double skinned stainless steel body and door for quieter operation and heat insulation
  • Rounded stainless steel tank for easy cleaning and draining
  • Thermostatic temperature control washing 60°C and rinsing 90°C
  • Break tank
  • Rinse pump
  • Thermo stop
  • Rinse and detergent pump
  • 60,90 and 180 Second wash cycle
  • Supplied with 1 base basket, 1 plate basket and 4 cutlery containers
  • Boiler Capacity 7 litres
  • Boiler heating elements up to 3x 1.8kW depending on supply
  • Tank capacity 20 litres / 2kW element
  • Maximum item height 380mm
  • Consumption 2.4 litres per cycle
  • Total power 2.8kW 12.2A
  • A water softener is recommended, failure of a unit due to limescale build up will not be covered under warranty
  • We recommend that all commercial dishwashers are installed and commissioned by a qualified engineer
Product Info
Exterior Finish Stainless Steel
Interior Finish Stainless Steel
Power Required 13amp
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With Drain Pump & Break Tank £2,137 +VAT £1,496 +VAT £641
External Dimensions
Model Height Width Depth Capacity Weight (Kg)
COP504B DD 830  600  600  1 x 500mm x 500mm Basket  60.00