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Frilixa Celebrity Fish Range

Celebrity Fish Range

Celebrity Fish Range Celebrity Fish Range , CEL100 Fish, CEL150 Fish, CEL200 Fish
Prices Starting From
£970.00 +VAT
  • Fully automatic
  • Static cooling
  • Castors 2 lockable
  • Digital controller and temperature display
  • Stainless rear shelf
  • Unit supplied on trolley
  • Unit can be counter mounted please contact sales before ordering
  • Drain fitted for easy cleaning
  • Crushed ice recommended for display of fish
  • Unit should not be placed in direct sunlight
Product Info
Temp Range -1/+3
Refrigerant R134a
Type of Defrost Off Cycle
Exterior Finish White / Grey / Stainless
Interior Finish Stainless Steel
Power Required 13 Amp
Model Description RRP Our Price Saving Qty

CEL100 Fish

CEL100 Fish £1,371 +VAT £970 +VAT £401

CEL150 Fish

CEL150 Fish £1,680 +VAT £1,199 +VAT £481

CEL200 Fish

CEL200 Fish £1,889 +VAT £1,399 +VAT £490
External Dimensions
Model Height Width Depth Capacity Weight (Kg)
CEL100 Fish 900mm  1010mm  1068mm    105.00 
CEL150 Fish 900mm  1510mm  1068mm    120.00 
CEL200 Fish 900mm  2010mm  1068mm    160.00