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Scoop Ice Cream Freezers
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Scoop Ice Cream Freezers

The consumption of ice cream started in China around 200 B.C and was just a mixture of frozen milk and rice. It was considered a delicacy and was consumed by the wealthy. Many years later a frozen dish of buffalo's milk, flour and camphor was ordered by the King of Tang of Shang. The Persians mastered the art of making ice cream in large containers called yakhcals (a primitave Ice Cream freezer which also stored ice). They then used to mix this ice with fruit, saffron and other flavors and named it 'Faloodah', which is now one of the most popular delicacies in Iran.

After that the ice cream saga was transferred to Italy, with the marriage of Catherine de’ Medici and the duc d’orlens who introduced ice cream in Italy. For years, ice cream has taken many forms and types and every time it was served as, a great treat. However, in the 20th century, ice cream had undergone more changes and its popularity has grown with every passing day. Nowadays, ice cream is one of the most famous desserts in the world and is popular with both adults and children.

Earlier ice cream storage was a big problem but now with hi tech ice cream display freezers, the job of storing ice cream is done easily. Buying an ice cream freezer will indeed save you money, and your business will earn huge profits. These ice cream display freezers are very energy efficient and the glass door covers are tempered with heat reflection films that makes it heat proof. It has a condensation water-draining hole on its cabinet frame, which lets the water to drain quickly, and hence the stored ice creams remain safe. Almost in all of the supermarkets, grocery shops and ice cream parlors, these ice cream display freezers are used. They provide you with an attractive solution for the display of ice creams. These devices are just perfect for the storage of ice cream and can be used by caterers, restaurateurs, café’s and other minimarts. Today’s consumers are very smart and want to check every other item that they purchase. The quality of the ice cream remains intact in these ice cream freezers, without tampering with the flavor or taste of the ice creams. Be it a sorbet or diary cream, a hi tech ice cream display freezer stores the ice cream in a perfect way.