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Serve Over Fridge Display

We have a wide selection of serve over fridge counters available for your commercial establishment requirements. Our extensive range of reputable & branded serve over counter units, are the perfect addition to sandwich shops, delicatessens, takeaways, caf├ęs and restaurants.

By selecting our serve over fridge counter, you have the option to maximise sales of your chilled food and drinks, within your commercial establishment. Also, by having products such as cheese, cooked meats, fruit & confectionary attractively displayed in front of your customers, will encourage impulse purchases and upsell your fresh produce.

Choose from our range of serve over fridge counters below, which are available in different varieties, with various; height, width, depth, capacity & weight specifications.

All of our serve over counters are specifically designed for the distribution, display and storage of fresh produce such as dairy, meat sandwich fillings and deli items. Our range wide selection of serve over counters are available in curved, low or flat glass display options.

At Refrigeration Freezers, we have a wide range of well-known serve over fridge counters brands, with the likes of: Trimco, Frilixa, Interlevin, Comersa & ISA branded counters all available from our site.

For any help or advice regarding any of our serve over counters, then please get in touch with us today on 01279 419131.