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At Refrigeration Freezers, we have selection of commercial display freezers available for your retail requirements. We have a extensive range of reputable & branded freezer units which are ideal for supermarkets, newsagents & commercial establishments which sell frozen goods.

Choose from the our range of display freezers below. Our range of commercial display freezers are available in different varieties, with various; height, width, depth, capacity & weight specifications.

Ideal for supermarkets, convenience stores and food retailers, our Framec Samba Range is the perfect display freezer for your retail needs. Our Framec Samba display freezers are fully automatic, with adjustable shelves & feet. Our Framec display freezers also include a digital controller and temperature display, replaceable door gasket, self closing doors & anti-mist glass.

Our Framec Samba Range of commercial display freezers require special installation. Please contact us today for more information regarding our installation services.

We also have a selection Fiji BT Range display freezers available for commercial use. Our range of Fiji BT Range is the ideal choice for small convenience shop, which sells frozen goods. This particular range of display freezers are fully automatic, static cooling, open top, with night covers available - POA.

For any help or advice regarding any of our commercial display freezers, please get in touch with us today on 01279 419131.