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Commercial Catering Displays

Commercial Catering Displays

Catering Display Counters, Cabinets & Shelves

Catering displays are available in lots of different styles, either for Hot or Cold Buffets, many are made from Wood Finish Mobile trolley types for Restaurants & Clubs, or Counter top units for self service.Many of the mobile units have a fold down display Canopy when not in use.

The counter top models are available with Hinged door or Sliding Door access or with an attractive curved glass counter top display for cakes , snacks or sandwiches.

A preparation counter top unit can hold a Variety of chilled foods for Salad and other food preparation as in either Pizza or Kebab Shops, whereby different Toppings can be stored for adding to Dishes as they are made.

Glass display refrigeration cabinets are ideal for Storing and Displaying Cakes and Patisserie items in attractive upright illuminated Displays, some models rotate giving a moving display of products on offer.