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Commercial Refrigeration - Display Fridges, Freezers, Storage Fridge & Freezers

Commercial Refrigeration - Display Fridges, Freezers, Storage Fridge & Freezers

Storage and Display Fridges & Freezers - Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial fridges and freezers from Refrigeration Freezers, offer a wide range of professional display fridge freezers as well as storage solutions for product refrigeration and freezing to suit your needs throughout the seasons. We also offer other high end restaurant, bar, brasserie or convenience store equipment, all in a range of shape and sizes to accommodate your business's size and the demand of your customers. Since starting trading in 1972, we've built over thirty years of experience and trust within the catering industry. That's why we stand above our competitors in supplying branded refrigeration freezers and fridges at the best prices available.

We offer a selection of different types of catering displays, display fridges and display freezers to showcase your wares and products while keeping them fresh. From counter displays and upright glass door chillers to ice cream displays to glass lid freezers, we'll have something in a size and design to suit your needs and space.

Whether you're a large business, a small family business or a growing one, we offer a variety of storage fridges and freezers. Our blast chillers and freezers are ideal for commercial kitchens where the food produce needs to be rapidly cooled and stored for later use. We particularly specialises in fish storage cabinets, solid door chillers and topping counters, providing the latest in optimised food storage technology.

Our ice machines and ice flakers come in many forms and sizes. From the small table top ice makers used in cafes, bars and restaurants to the larger models where large quantities are needed.

Investing in a cold room is a must for large restaurants and caterers in keeping their customers fed and happy as well as staying ahead of their competitors. That's why we supply only the best cold rooms to our clients, taking into account the limited space some premises have. With this in mind, that is why we're a favourite amongst restaurateurs and caterers as we can offer cold rooms to suit them without compromising on the detailed temperature control and reliability.

We offer a range of commercial dishwashers and glasswashers in a range of sizes to consider for your restaurant or coffee shop, to help streamline your cleaning while keeping your dishware and glassware sanitary.

For any further information about our commercial refrigeration fridges and freezers, do not hesitate to get in touch with us or call us on 0127 9419 131.